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VIU LA PRIMAVERA AMB CELLER BÀRBARA FORÉS SI t’agrada el vi i durant la propera setmana santa tens pensat estar a la Terra Alta, no et pots perdre el II Tast de Primavera del Celler Bàrbara... [+]
El proper divendres 13 de març s'estrena El Moment, un viatge a la Terra del Cerç. Producció de Setmàgic Audiovisual amb el suport del Consell Comarcal de la Terra Alta i l’Ajuntament... [+]

Bàrbara Forés

Bàrbara Forés
With the name of Bàrbara Forés, Carme Ferrer and her husband Manuel Sanmartín pay tribute to the great-great grandmother, born in Gandesa in 1828.

Bàrbara Forés, the daughter of a wine merchant (Rafael Forés) and a land owner (María Figueras) was a person with a strong personality that influenced decisively his son Rafael. For this reason, Rafael Ferrer Forés, pharmacist and erudite wine grower, built himself the cellar in his father’s house, where in the late 19th century he began to bottle wine.

So Bàrbara Forés means respect and tradition in the wine elaboration, passed on from parents to children during over one hundred years in our family house.

Bàrbara Forés also means the capability of each new generation to perfect and improve the inheritance received.
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