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VIU LA PRIMAVERA AMB CELLER BÀRBARA FORÉS SI t’agrada el vi i durant la propera setmana santa tens pensat estar a la Terra Alta, no et pots perdre el II Tast de Primavera del Celler Bàrbara... [+]
El proper divendres 13 de març s'estrena El Moment, un viatge a la Terra del Cerç. Producció de Setmàgic Audiovisual amb el suport del Consell Comarcal de la Terra Alta i l’Ajuntament... [+]

Terra Alta

Terra Alta is a county sheltered by the passes named Ports de Beseit, the mountains of the Serra de Pàndols and the Serra de Cavalls, surrounded by the river Ebro and its tributaries Matarranya and Algars, and it is opened to the Mediterranean Sea. Being an eminently Mediterranean country, it embodies the triple symbolism of wheat, olive trees and vineyards. As a country which is especially favorable to growing wine, Gandesa happens to be in a singular privileged situation. The proximity of the mountains shelters its vineyards against the “cerç” (north wind) and at the same time the Ebro-valley allows the “garbí” (south-west humid wind) to blow on it.

Altitude oscillates between 350 and 600 metres above sea-level, and the opening of these cultivated fields allows having a high average of sun-hours. Rain-level is scarce: it does not surpass 500 litres/m² a year.

These unique conditions, in which rigor of continental climate and benignity of Mediterranean climate get compatible, has given fame to the wine produced in this country.On a total surface of 45 ha, which 22 are intended for the cultivation of wine, the location of our fields spread on several parts of the township of Gandesa has allowed us to combine in this part of Terra Alta the altitude, the orientation, the planes, the shady slopes and the sunny slopes. This is the way how we achieved a product which is adapted to the requirements of the wine-varieties we cultivate.

The cultivation of the vineyards is organic. We only use organic fertilizers and natural products which together with the green pruning, give a chance to get the earth expression in the fruit. The harvest takes place at the right time, considering the farm, the grapes and the wine and gets it done manually in boxes so that the grapes reach the cellar whole and in perfect condition. One of the operations that requires more effort is to decide when to harvest and also to make choices in the vineyard because it is the quality of the grape what provides the uniqueness of each vintage.

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