Rosat Bàrbara Forés

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When we mention dry landscapes, we are talking about the scenery formed by traditional rain-fed MEDITERRANEAN agriculture. It is characterised by a diverse AGRARIAN MOSAIC mainly made up of vines, olive trees and cereal, long sun exposures, little rainfall, dry rock walls, and crops bordered by Mediterranean vegetation (brooms, gorses, rosemary, thyme, brambles), the odd patches of woodland and all the things that belong there.

We name DRY LANDSCAPES those wines that come from our vineyards scattered around the municipality of Gandesa: the Blanc, the Rosat and the Negre.

A look around the dry landscapes will behold altitudes with different orientations, sunny spots and shades, flat land and slopes, and of course, all the varieties of grape that we work with.

If we want to preserve the expression of the agrarian landscape, we must keep alive the CULTURES that created it. In our case, this must be done through the agroecology of our rain-fed landscapes.

Rosat Bàrbara Forés

Red Grenache, Cariñena and Syrah

Garnacha Tinta (red grenache), Cariñena and Syrah fermented in stainless steel tanks.

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