Our wines

Integrated in the agrarian mosaic of Terra Alta, we have a series of vineyards that grant us SINGULAR WINES WITH UNIQUE NAMES: El Quintà, Abrisa’t, El Templari, the Coma d’En Pou and the Dolç.


White Granache

Abrisa’t is born from the reflection on the different ways to produce wine that exist and have existed in our land, and the need to explore them and experiment with them. We must bear in mind that the production of these white “brisado” wines (a type of ORANGE wine) had practically disappeared, which implies recognition of the historical know-how of the farmers and viticulturists in Terra Alta through our research and recovery of ANCIENT WISDOM. Abrisa’t is born from the need of CONTACT with the land and its fruits, as a symbiosis of all the elements of the grape: skin, pulp and seeds. The contact between these elements and the result of such contact. Abrisa’t is born from the need to inquire about the world of wine and from the acquisition of knowledge through the discovery of forgotten wisdom. We have taken the liberty of creating a new word, a concept: Abrisa’t is an invitation to come into contact, to WARMTH. La Sendroseta is a land of a little over an hectare of PINK PANAL SOIL located in les Sendroses in Gandesa. It’s sun facing, oriented towards les Agulles de Bot, the mountain of Santa Bàrbara, and the Port d’Orta. WHITE GRANACHE planted in the early 90’s. Abrisa’t is very important to us, it’s a turning point. The first wine made by MOTHER AND DAUGHTER. Skin-macerated white grenache aged in clay amphoras for 6 months.

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