El Templari

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Integrated in the agrarian mosaic of Terra Alta, we have a series of vineyards that grant us SINGULAR WINES WITH UNIQUE NAMES: El Quintà, Abrisa’t, El Templari, the Coma d’En Pou and the Dolç.

El Templari


Umbría de Tomaset is located under the lime rock formations of the Sierra de Pàndols mountain range. This type of soil is formed by sloping layers of conglomerates, “pinyó” and silts mixed with clays.  With El Templari we wanted to recover our past as a territory, searching for the energy and organisation provided by the knights of the Order of the Temple when repopulating it. The expression VERMELL WINE refers to the colour of the wine, more of a red than burgundy recovering the traditional Catalonian way of describing this type of wine. MORENILLO is a nearly extinct variety that we started to replant in the late 90’s. Morenillo, being a grape of moderate colour, tannin and alcoholic potential, practically disappeared from our land as it was not replanted after the phylloxera outbreak,. Now we have transformed these attributes, considered flaws at the time, into true virtues. The Morenillo grapevine has a noble well-structured appearance. Everything about her is of large dimensions: the trunk, the shoots, the leaves and the grape bunches. Red wine of Morenillo, aging in clay amphoras.

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