Bàrbara Forés En Moviment 3 – Garnatxa Negra

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BÀRBARA FORÉS EN MOVIMENT are wild wines born of freedom.

Pili SanmartĂ­n Ferrer’s most personal project.

Small special vinifications moved by intuition, where the hands experiment going to the extreme to be able to answer all these questions. En Moviment, because life is constant movement, taking care of the land and accompanying wines implies walking, making mistakes, doubting, learning… WINE IS CONSTANT EVOLUTION.

EN MOVIMENT is a voyage, a journey that I began in 2014 with my arrival at Celler Bàrbara Forés and that continues today. A set of numbers starting with 0 and a new letter, letter A.

Agroecology, wines with minimal intervention and very limited production.


En Moviment 3

Garnatxa Negra

It is a property located to the west of the city of Gandesa, in the direction of the neighbouring region of Matarranya. The Coll de Batea, is a small plot of 0.73 ha facing east, in an area of gentle ripples in the land. The soil is fine sand of a granular nature (franco-pinyolenca) in which silica has sedimented in a calcareous environment, forming the PANAL SOIL. Red Grenache wine from old vines, fermented in a clay amphora.

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