Bàrbara Forés En Moviment A – Ancestral

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BÀRBARA FORÉS EN MOVIMENT are wild wines born of freedom.

Pili SanmartĂ­n Ferrer’s most personal project.

Small special vinifications moved by intuition, where the hands experiment going to the extreme to be able to answer all these questions. En Moviment, because life is constant movement, taking care of the land and accompanying wines implies walking, making mistakes, doubting, learning… WINE IS CONSTANT EVOLUTION.

EN MOVIMENT is a voyage, a journey that I began in 2014 with my arrival at Celler Bàrbara Forés and that continues today. A set of numbers starting with 0 and a new letter, letter A.

Agroecology, wines with minimal intervention and very limited production.

En Moviment Ancestral


OBAGA DE TOMASET is located under the lime rock formations of the Sierra de PĂ ndols mountain range. This type of soil is formed by sloping layers of conglomerates, "pinyĂł" and silts mixed with clays.

MORENILLO is a nearly extinct variety that we started to replant in the late 90's. Morenillo, being a grape of moderate colour, tannin and alcoholic potential, practically disappeared from our land as it was not replanted after the phylloxera outbreak. Now we have transformed these attributes, considered flaws at the time, into true virtues. The Morenillo grapevine has a noble well-structured appearance. Everything about her is of large dimensions: the trunk, the shoots, the leaves and the grape bunches.

ANCESTRAL METHOD OF SPARKLING WINE:It consists in producing sparkling wine with only one fermentation. We start fermenting in a stainless steel tank at a temperature of 15ÂşC -17ÂşC until the optimum density for bottling is achieved. Once in the bottle, it finishes the fermentation generating carbon dioxide gas. It rests for 6 months with a subsequent manual disgorgement.

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